Applying Business Acumen

Applying Business Acumen Executive Overview

Unlock CEO-Level Skills with
Applying Business Acumen

Studies indicate that 53% of leaders struggle with effective strategy implementation. This is a challenge we've addressed head-on with our advanced course, Applying Business Acumen (ABA). Building on the success of our foundational course, Building Business Acumen (BBA), and our established partnerships with 34 Fortune 50 companies, we're excited to take your teams' business acumen to the next level.


Continue the Journey to Business Excellence...

Just as Building Business Acumen laid the foundation for thinking like a CEO, Applying Business Acumen (ABA) propels participants into the realm of acting like one. As organizations face the challenge of 70% of projects falling short and the critical need for employee engagement, ABA becomes a pivotal investment. The skills acquired, including a deep understanding of ROI, gap analysis, TVM, and related metrics, will empower your team to make informed, strategic decisions, delivering enhanced profitability and unprecedented engagement.

Strategic Business Acumen2
Inputs into Strategy

Decoding Earnings Calls for Impact

Did you know that 95% of employees lack a clear understanding of their company's strategy? Earnings calls are a powerful source of insight, yet the majority of employees haven't tapped into this valuable resource. Applying Business Acumen addresses this gap, teaching participants how to effectively listen to earnings calls. They will gain the ability to align their work with executive strategy, deciphering what executives prioritize and understanding the trends and objectives shaping the company's future. Whether analyzing your own company, a customer, a partner, or a competitor, participants will identify actionable steps to elevate their performance.


Identify and Execute for Results

In our courses, we emphasize that "to know and not to do is not to know." Applying Business Acumen goes beyond theoretical knowledge, guiding participants to identify the financial impact of business decisions. Through a study of quantitative and qualitative assessment approaches and a structured process for evaluating trade-offs, they will make faster, bolder decisions. By the end of the course, participants will pinpoint their top three initiatives, assess their financial implications, understand their impact on corporate strategy, and craft an action plan that transforms strategy into tangible results.


Integration of Information

Unlock CEO-Level Skills with Applying Business Acumen

In the dynamic landscape of business leadership, mastering the #1 skill – Business Acumen – is essential. Our specialized Applying Business Acumen® (ABA) course is the key to advancing your professional journey. Tailored for diverse industries and building on the foundational insights of Building Business Acumen (BBA), ABA equips participants with the skills to actively listen and align with executive communication, comprehend the influential factors guiding business decisions, and expertly plan and execute top priorities. It's not just a course; it's your roadmap to acting like a CEO.

✔︎ Strategic Leadership

+  Individual Alignment Strategies
+  Team Objective Alignment
+  Holistic Impact Understanding
+  Culture of Alignment
+  Effective Communication
+  Performance Metrics Utilization

✔︎ Strategic Listening

+  Earnings Calls Analysis
+  Executive Alignment Tools
+  Precision in Interpretation
+  Financial Metrics Understanding
+  Growth Opportunities Identification
+  Industry Trends Discernment

✔︎ Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

+  Return On Investment (ROI)
+  Payback Period
+  Discounted Cash Flows (DCF)
+  Gap Analysis
+  Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation
+  Actionable Solutions Proposals
+  Feasibility Assessment
+  Structured Decision-Making Process
+  Critical Thinking in Complex Scenarios

✔︎ Project Impact & Alignment

+  Strategic Initiative Alignment
+  Impactful Project Thinking
+  Goal-Oriented Project Implementation
+  Planning with Business Acumen
+  Executive Insights for Project Optimization
+  Focusing Projects on Company Goals

Partners Include 34 Fortune 50 Companies

“I can't say enough about Acumen Learning… They are the kind of vendor everyone loves not just because of the product they deliver, but because of how they partner with their customers to ensure a great experience for everyone.”

Scott Knutson
Leadership & Organizational Development 

“I would highly recommend this training. The presenters were amazing, easy to follow, and quite engaging. The content was clear and relevant. The course was modified to meet our business needs and I'm pleased with what was delivered. Great job!”

Melissa Anderson
Executive Director

“Kevin and the team did an outstanding job with us for the Business Acumen training. Very insightful and at a good pace. …we did it virtually and it went off without a hitch. Highly recommended and thanks to Kevin again!”

DeWayne Addison
Enterprise Account Executive

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