Selling with Business Acumen Executive Overview

Business Acumen for Sales Executive Overview

Transforming Sales Dynamics:
Addressing the B2B Buyer's Predicament

According to a recent poll of B2B buyers, three out of four prefer zero interaction with salespeople—an issue we're committed to resolving. With a rich history in business acumen development and partnerships with 34 Fortune 50 companies, our expertise guarantees your salesforce acquires the knowledge and skills essential for enduring greatness and growth.



B2B decision-makers seek solutions, not sales pitches. Customized business acumen training ensures your reps understand and align with their clients' business objectives for mutual success.


Business Acumen Model
Interactive Training


Polls, voting, breakouts, teach-backs, gamification, Socratic discussions, and case studies inspire learners to have an immediate and lasting impact on business results. We make business and finance, dare we say, fun.



Our Acumen in Action Learning Portal, peer coaching, Monthly Earnings Calls, job aids, 7-30-90-day follow-up, and team activities help graduates practice and perfect their business acumen throughout their careers.


Acumen In Action Portal

The #1 Sales Skill is Business Acumen

Our customized Selling with Business Acumen™ course revolutionizes sales by shifting the focus from traditional features and benefits to a profound understanding of how clients make money. Positioned as trusted advisors, sales reps are equipped to guide B2B decision-makers through intricate purchasing decisions aligned with their company's financial goals.

✔︎ Sales Mastery

+  Strategic Selling
+  Executive Engagement Strategies
+  Customer-Centric Decision-Making
+  Breaking Down Buying Silos
+  Navigating Executive Meetings and Discussions
+  Leveraging Public Data

✔︎ Trusted Advisor Role

+  Building Client Trust
+  Establishing Credibility
+  Holistic Business Understanding
+  Financial Literacy
+  ​Client Success Focused

✔︎ Risk Management and Adaptability

+  Agile Selling Approaches
+  Financial Risk Assessment
+  Proactive Approach to Market Changes
+  Innovation Culture
+  Preparedness for Uncertainties

✔︎ Engagement & Performance

+  Aligning Targets with Objectives
+  Culture of Accountability
+  Empowerment Through Skills
+  Career Development and Advancement
+  Enhanced Job Satisfaction
+  Increased Productivity and Efficiency 

Partners Include 34 Fortune 50 Companies

“I can't say enough about Acumen Learning… They are the kind of vendor everyone loves not just because of the product they deliver, but because of how they partner with their customers to ensure a great experience for everyone.”

Scott Knutson
Leadership & Organizational Development 

“I would highly recommend this training. The presenters were amazing, easy to follow, and quite engaging. The content was clear and relevant. The course was modified to meet our business needs and I'm pleased with what was delivered. Great job!”

Melissa Anderson
Executive Director

“Kevin and the team did an outstanding job with us for the Business Acumen training. Very insightful and at a good pace. …we did it virtually and it went off without a hitch. Highly recommended and thanks to Kevin again!”

DeWayne Addison
Enterprise Account Executive

We Wrote the Book on Business Acumen

There's only one #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller dedicated to the subject of business acumen — we wrote it. Called an MBA in under 180 pages, Seeing the Big Picture captures the basic principles of our customized business acumen training.

Want a copy?


"Many of us (myself included!) work hard to equip leaders and employees with the essentials for business vitality – no one has done so with more fidelity, clarity, and precision than Kevin Cope. The wonderfully accessible tools in this book are the first investment any leader must make to build a sustainably competitive enterprise."

Joseph Grenny
New York Times bestselling coauthor of Crucial Conversations and Change Anything

We're ready when you are.  

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